Local Quaker History

Hampstead Meeting is a relatively large Quaker meeting, with around 50 attending on most weeks. Participation in the Meeting is fairly fluid as the Meeting is fortunate to welcome a number of visitors, some local and some from far afield. Hampstead Meeting House itself attracts some interest as it was built in 1907 in a traditional Arts and Crafts style and provides a fitting Meeting Room in which to hold meetings for worship.

The size of the Meeting brings with it great diversity, both of age and interests. The tea and sometimes soup served after the Meeting and other events give an opportunity to get to know each other better. Children are an important part of the Meeting and weekly activities are organised for them before they join the meeting for worship. Our worshipping community is enhanced by other groups and social events. The Resident Quakers provide a Quaker presence in the local community.

Founded in 1897, Hampstead Quaker Meeting is the oldest of the meetings in north  west London.